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Hailing from one of the largest manpower talent pools in the world and considering immense employment opportunities available in India, we have diversified into domestic placement services also.

While maintaining the highest professional standards through our commitment to “Ethics First.” ideology, we offer exceptional services to our clients and job seekers across the country. Our employees have the tools to create breakthrough business opportunities, the expertise to utilize leading-edge technologies and a passion to deliver results. We are committed to hiring for you the most qualified and skilled employees.

Our International Recruitment Services

  1. Manpower Recruitment

  2. HR Consultancy

  3. Pre and Post Job Counseling

  4. Job Oriented Training

  5. Visa and Emigration Processing

  6. Passport Assistance

  7. Attestation and Documentation Services

  8. Travelling and Ticketing Arrangements

  9. Medical Check up

  10. Hotel Reservation – Worldwide

  11. Luxury Transport Operation

  12. Receipt of enquiry

  13. Enquiry handling

  14. Confirmation of order

  15. Documentation process

  16. Receipt of Power of Attorney, Demand letter, Service contract etc

  17. Advertisement and Sourcing

  18. CV submission

  19. Interview / Trade Test

  20. Medical Test

  21. Attestation of documents

  22. Visa processing

  23. Compliance of the statutory requirements of emigrants

  24. Travel arrangements

  25. Follow ups and feedback monitoring

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